Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

Sue completed certification in myofascial trigger point therapy through Myopain Seminars in Bethesda, Maryland, a worldwide leader in dry needling education and research. Active trigger points are hypersensitive tight bands in the muscle that have decreased blood flow and send pain signals to areas distant from the band itself.  These trigger points can develop due to a muscle imbalance, such as stabilizing muscle weakness; trauma, such a fall or sports injury; overuse from overhead activities or endurance sports; or long periods in one position, such as computer use.

Dry needling is an effective way to treat trigger points using a small monofilament (solid) needle to stimulate the trigger point, creating a twitch response, or a quick “muscle cramp” that resets the trigger point.  Over the course of treatment, the needling desensitizes the trigger point, eliminating hypersensitivity, improving muscle efficiency, and decreasing pain and muscle tension.  Once the trigger points are desensitized, the muscle responds more quickly to the appropriate exercises and often you return to normal activities in less time.