Care for Neck and Spinal Pain

Get help with your neck and back pain with treatment to the structures that will help your pain and improve your quality of life. Each person’s problems are unique and your therapy is customized to you.

Neck pain is one of the major musculoskeletal disorders in the adult population; its prevalence in the world ranges from 16.7% to 75.1%.  Current medical literature suggests moderate to strong evidence supporting the benefits of physical therapy’s role in reducing neck pain and improving range of motion. Some studies have found even more benefits from physical therapy when combined with other treatment methods, such as aerobic activity.

Integrative Physical Therapy’s approach to neck pain is to create as much balance and equilibrium in the system as possible.  This includes balance in the upper, mid-, and lower neck joints in mobility and function as well as balance in the strength and muscle control of the neck, head and lower spine. This balance decreases the stresses placed on the neck, improving the long-term health of the spine, as well as improving the patient’s pain complaints and tolerance to everyday activities including computer work, prolonged sitting, and overhead work. 


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